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Important FAQ’s



1. Qualifications

In Arizona, a justice of the peace is the judge that most people see, whether for a traffic ticket, or a civil complaint, or a landlord-tenant dispute. Your experience will shape how you view justice courts, judges, and the legal system in general.  Therefore, when you vote for a justice of the peace, you want to make sure – for you, your family, and your community – that the person who fills that role has the education, real-world experience, and actual, hands-on application of the law to people’s lives and resources.  David has that same essential combination of experience and has actually applied those skills to real cases with real consequences and has done so fairly and with efficiency critical to ensure that all have their fair day in court.  David Osterfeld is in fact the only candidate for the White tank Justice of the Peace that has all of these qualifications and this experience, and with your support he will continue to use those qualifications and experience to ensure that justice is served.

2. Ethics

A judge must maintain the dignity of the judicial office at all times, avoiding impropriety and even the appearance of impropriety.  Each elected judge has many specific rules that he or she must obey when serving as a justice of the peace.  Perhaps even more important, however, is that even each candidate for this office must obey the ethics required of judges as well.  David has experience complying with the ethical standards required of lawyers and of judges.

As a lawyer, for more than 15 years David has helped his clients achieve justice and ensure that their rights are protected, and in that role and during all of that time, he has complied with the ethical requirements governing lawyers.  David has also complied with the ethics required of a judge during the periods of time when he served as a part time judge for several justice courts in Maricopa County and for the Maricopa County Superior Court.

David has the experience and proven record to show that he can handle the heavy workload that comes with this position and that he can do so with the level of professionalism and ethics that you would require of your elected official.  In addition, David has observed the highest ethics and standards in his personal life. He does not have any outstanding or default judgments, no civil lawsuits filed against him, no criminal record, and no bankruptcies or legal filings that could bring the office into disrepute.

3. Legal Experience

When your newly elected justice of the peace takes office in January of 2015, that person will have perhaps just three weeks of initial training before being expected to fully assume all the duties of the busiest justice court in Maricopa County.  These duties include presiding over a large number of hearings that, altogether, can last all day – with many requiring an immediate decision.  The position also requires the ability to review thousands of pages of filings and enter appropriate orders based on those filings in a timely manner.  The number of cases and filings do not leave much time at all to “learn on the job” if decisions are to be timely and accurate.  A judge who does not have the seasoning and experience that a legal education and a career interpreting and applying the law provides, would quickly be overwhelmed, fatigued, and prone to error.

David Osterfeld is a seasoned lawyer with almost sixteen years experience practicing law. He has advised judges throughout his career, from a state supreme court justice to trial and appellate court judges, and he has served as a justice of the peace pro tempore in several courts in Maricopa County.  David’s ability to handle serious legal matters under pressure has been tested thoroughly for more than fifteen years and he has had success without error or violation of the rules.  David Osterfeld has the education, experience, and skill necessary to step into the office of White Tank Justice of the Peace and to competently assume the duties and serve the community.

4. Management Experience

Your White Tank Justice of the Peace will be required to manage the resources provided to that office to ensure that the significant workload is adequately handled and to maintain and even improve services with decreasing resources and increasing workloads.

David Osterfeld is an experienced leader and proven manager who will bring professional, fair, and impartial service to meet the community’s needs and to maximize the White Tank Justice Court’s resources.

5. Area that the Office Covers

Your White Tank Justice precinct covers a large area and includes the communities of Tartesso, Rainbow Valley, Buckeye, Litchfield Park, Estrella Mountain, Palm Valley, Pebble Creek, parts of Goodyear and Avondale, Luke Air Force Base, Verrado, and part of Glendale. A detailed map of the precinct is available here.

David Osterfeld has lived in the White Tank Justice precinct for nearly 30 years and he knows the community and its values.

6. Date of the Election.

The General Election is held on November 4, 2014.  If you are registered to vote by mail, you should receive your ballot in the mail beginning October 11, 2014.

7. How Long is the Term of Office?

Four Years.

8. Types of Cases Heard

A justice of the peace will hear criminal misdemeanors, civil and criminal traffic, landlord and tenant disputes, small claims, and civil lawsuits of $10,000 or less.  The judge can also, just to mention a few, issue search and arrest warrants, issue orders of protection and injunctions against harassment, and can marry people.  A more detailed description of the duties are available here.

9. Where Will I Vote?

You can tell where your precinct is by looking at a map of the entire precinct.  You can find that map by clicking here.

Today, many voters have signed up to receive their ballots by mail. If you have done that, you should look for your ballot in late July and early August. If you will not receive your ballot by mail or do not wish to mail it in, you can always vote at your local precinct, the location which will appear on your voter card.

10. Where can I register to Vote?

Click Here to Register to Vote.


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